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New times need new ideas.

New ideas need new structures.

New structures need new alliances.

New alliances need a shared vision.

Mission Value was launched in March 2023 by Maja Göpel. Right from the beginning, the project focussed on science communication on the topic of value and impact and took into account that knowledge alone does not automatically result in action. To get there, it is not only important what is said, but also how, by whom – and when.

This conviction is shared by entrepreneur and political consultant David Wortmann and film producer Lars Jessen, the two of them already having joined forces with Maja Göpel before in developing individual alliances for social change and media formats for science communication.

Together with film expert Nicole Zabel-Wasmuth, digital entrepreneur Boris Wasmuth, sports manager Paul Keuter and media entrepreneur Tobias Bauckhage, this strategic direction was further developed over the course of 2023 in a series of salons throughout Germany: we curated dialogue spaces across social sectors and positions in which the conditions for sustainable business, climate protection and social tipping points were discussed.

Our focus in 2023 was on collaborating with the professional storytellers of our society: film, television, marketing and journalism. What values, realities and visions of prosperity are negotiated in that space and to what effect?

The result was many new links and project initiatives as well as an unexpected alliance in the best sense of the word. We have created a non-profit institutional home for it in Global Eco Transition gGmbH, setting out to reconnect the core competencies of science, media and business in such a way that a positive future becomes not only visible, but also tangible.

The crowning glory of the founding year was the first Diamond and Water Summit, hosting 120 participants at Staatsoper Berlin. We developed concrete ideas with personalities from these seven areas of society: Film, Sports, Health, Music & Entertainment, Digital Economy, Family Business and Energy & Infrastructure. You can find out what happens next here.


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