Welcome. We work to demonstrate the opportunities and pathways of a socio-ecological transformation. With honesty. With courage. Together.

Crunch time

The familiar is passing without the new having established itself yet. We are living in a time of upheaval. And we are seeing a trend towards looking for solutions where they won’t be found: in the rear-view mirror. Sticking to business as usual is the main driver of the crises we experience today. The less we flinch from being honest about it, the faster the path will be cleared for a courageous renewal. Getting there is much easier if we work together instead of against each other.  And most of the things we need to succeed are already at our fingertips. 

How can we attain both a good live and a successful economy within the planetary boundaries?

Prosperity is renewable

International goals for secure livelihoods and social cohesion have been in place for a long time now. We have at our disposal both the technological and the economic means to achieve them. What we need to rekindle is the commitment to consistently pursue these goals. To do this, we need pioneering knowledge and constructive media, forward-looking companies and effective policies. And mutual comprehension. We invite you to join us.  

By way of the best of our knowledge, good storytelling and unexpected alliances, we open up new spaces of possibility.

Thought spaces

For us, creating knowledge is a methodic search for answers to the questions of our time. Economic evaluations, measurements and definitions of success, for example, inform what societies consider realistic or affordable. We give visibility to these steering effects in order to discuss them. Counting what matters.

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Dialogue spaces

People are social, story-telling beings. In democracies in particular, it is therefore important that we constantly ask ourselves how the stories disseminated by the media shape our view of reality and of what we consider desirable. We explore these effects with the media industry. Narrating what matters.

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Innovation spaces

Structural change is exhausting and puts established routines and privileges to the test. For it to succeed, we need pioneers who take a forward-looking approach and cooperate for the common good. We invite people across all camps to discover common ground and find new allies. Enabling what matters.  


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Only those who see a positive future can steer towards it and shape it.