Mission Value was conceived as a science-society network with a claim to impact. To this end, we connect the best of our knowledge and wholesome stories with people who are keen to shape the future. With honesty and courage.

In addition to the broad networking we do around our unexpected alliances, we create thematic innovation spaces. Because when it comes to implementation, every sector follows different sets of rules. And it’s helpful to exchange ideas with peers in a protected space, identify major challenges, gather scientific expertise and work together on possible next steps.

There are currently three such projects:

1. Planet Narratives – new narratives for our future

Films and TV shows open up new possibility spaces – particularly in our heads. We often lack the images and narratives of how the socio-ecological transformation can succeed, and even more so of what we stand to gain from it. The aim of Planet Narratives is to promote and raise awareness of these potentials within the film industry.

The services on offer include academic advice via an expert network and networking events as well as workshops for screenwriters, broadcasters and producers. In addition, in keynote speeches and panel discussions at key industry events, we show how storytelling in film and television can help us to better deal with the new reality. A handbook containing practical guidelines is also being planned.

2. Valuable Entrepreneurship

The transformation to a sustainable future must be shaped with and by the economy. It offers the products and services with which we can ensure a good life for everyone, within the planetary boundaries. Politics sets the rules for this – and these rules are in urgent need of an update.

However, as is always the case, some are more and others less enthusiastic about supporting this update, changing and developing new products and business models.

It is high time for those willing to change to start networking in a more efficient manner and raise questions about our vision for the future : What values characterise the European location and how do we protect them in the face of the crises of our time? What does Quality made in Germany mean today and how can we regain the trust of the past? Why do we need good co-operation between politics and business and how can corporate political responsibility help to hold populist attacks on good regulation at bay?

In the Valuable Entrepreneurship Club, peers exchange ideas and connect with experts in a setting of confidentiality. At the same time, we want to create public spaces for dialogue in which the location issue is discussed as a vision for the future:

  • What can and should prosperity mean in the 21st century and which key figures and indicators can lead the way?

  • Which definitions of success and systems of incentives help to turn reporting obligations into an agenda for innovation?

  • What are the effects of our current political framework, and how should we change it to facilitate innovation for sustainable solutions?

3. ‘Superredaktion’

Have you always wished for a superpowered editorial team to show you the way forward by way of telling easily digestible, entertaining stories? A few graphics to get to the heart of what everybody is arguing about and who collects and considers which and how many facts?

Then you know why Superredaktion exists. We provide high-profile public figures in arts and entertainment with the best of our knowledge and concrete examples for the opportunities and pathways of socio-ecological transformation or point out when and how fake news get out of hand. And pinch of humour to go with that never hurts.

For suggestions and requests, please contact us:


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What we do

What we do