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We take the goals we have set ourselves seriously. Particularly when they are as important as the preservation of our natural resources, the protection of human well-being or democratic governance. We are also inveterate fans of the human ability to find ways to achieve goals.

In Mission Valuable, we combine the core competencies of science, media and business. We see all three as important activities with different missions:

Science is the methodically organised search for answers to social questions. It has a shared responsibility for communicating its findings to society in a transparent and understandable manner, and for listening to society’s needs. It helps create the information base on which citizens make decisions.

The media organise our social understanding about the world and what holds it together. They provide information as well as documentary and fictional stories which we use to inform and interpret ourselves and that show us how other people react. The media direct our attention.

Economic activity involves productive co-operation between people and draws on natural and technical resources for this purpose. This is how the prosperity of a society is created, the menu of offers from which consumers can choose.

What all three have in common is that they have a major influence on which political rules are convincing and prevail in a democracy. And it is these rules of the game that then structure our freedom of action. In combination, they can give real impetus to change processes: Because what we can imagine and describe can also become reality through us.

count what counts

tell what counts

enable what counts

PremisePeople seek meaning and orientationPeople co-operate through storiesPeople organise themselves with structures
View of the WorldKey terms and figures form central frames of reference for private and social decisionsSuccessful understanding is a condition for democratic transformationThe status quo has a guiding effect and structures freedoms and opportunities
Science ...... opens up and scrutinises existing framings with regard to their effects (enlightenment)... grounds the discourse on understanding problems and solutions (attention)... acts as an encouraging bridge builder (Aufbruch)
Initial questionWhat is it actually about and what works how?Where do we want to go and what possibilities are there?What is the next possible step and with whom?
EffectIdentifying new opportunities and show innovation pathsThe authority to interpret progress and successful economic activity updateStimulate new alliances across existing sector and organisational boundaries


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Social tipping points

Social tipping points

Surprising alliances

Surprising alliances