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In times of upheaval, the familiar way of doing things no longer works. People are worried. But what if we don’t look for someone to blame, but instead focus on the goals that unite us and the structural updates needed to help us achieve them? Shared values instead of populism. That is what we expect of ourselves.

Times of upheaval are stressful: we let go of the old and create something new. Of course, all of this is highly political. We therefore need more clarity about the goals and values we want to protect, as well as political and entrepreneurial certainty about the direction of change. It also helps to have confidence that enough people will join in, so that many small steps can have a big impact.

Today, we see four barriers in particular that stand in the way:

  • The power of the status quo – only the alternatives have to justify themselves while the costs of inaction are conveniently overlooked.

  • leading economic indicators and narratives that are blind to socio-ecological questions characterise our understanding of prosperity, success and progress.

  • Targeted disinformation about the realities of a changing world and the impact of politics becomes a threat to a shared view of the world.

  • Due to the harsh climate of discourse, privileged actors in particular shy away from taking a public stance in favour of change.

That is why we want to intervene in an evidence-based manner and clarify the valuations and effects of our societal figures and narratives. In doing so, we want to persistently draw attention to positive stories that center the benefits of sustainable economic activity and thus strengthen confidence in the possibilities of shaping society’s future. To this end, we want to listen carefully to society and, in particular, invite people with leverage in their roles as business decision-makers, investors or influencers to question the status quo and advocate for routines and rules that do justice to the reality of the 21st century.

The Mission:Value offer includes:

Valuable impulses – knowledge as change of perspective: based on a curated database of scientific studies, we offer keynotes, interviews, podcasts, argumentation guides, manuals, new studies and graphics. They help to clarify the benefits of change and the consequences of inaction and make transparent the assumptions and value decisions on which political proposals are based.

Impactful formats – unexpeced alliances in action: Knowledge alone does not necessarily result in action, which is why we develop workshops, consultations, salons, peer learning labs and any form of communication that leads us out of tiring rituals of polarisation and carefully maintained assumptions of incompatibility. With the aim of building bridges, working out the next possible step and bringing together the necessary players.

Some of these alliance-building projects we implement ourselves, while others are taken on by partners who share our pledge.

Compass – Creativity – Courage is the leitmotif of our projects.


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